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I’ve been a Long time user of LogTen Pro, but I’ve been largely unhappy with the overall experience. There is …

I’ve been a Long time user of LogTen Pro, but I’ve been largely unhappy with the overall experience. There is no denying that LogTen Pro is powerful. With its array of customisable settings, LogTen Pro can be used by almost every Pilots, whether you are a General Aviation Private Pilot, Airline Pilot our Commercial Pilot.

But in exchange for that flexibility, you have to pay, and power doesn’t cheap. A subscription can easily set you back USD$99/year. Eventually, I’ve come to a realisation that I’ve been paying too much, as I am only using about 10% of its capabilities. And from my interactions with other users, I learnt that there are many users like me.

No one likes paying so much for features that they don’t use.

With my subscription running out, I had a deadline. I decided to build a Pilot Logbook that was simple to use, and yet powerful enough to be used by most Pilots.

I decided to call it Simply Log.

The idea

Simply Log is designed to be simple to setup and simple to use. Simply Log should work right out of the box, shedding away all those features that add complexities, while retaining features that most of us need in our Pilot logbooks. Here are some key features of Simply Log.

Ease of Use

Easy Setup

If you are new to Simply Log, you would be taken through an on-boarding process to get you all setup. The entire process takes less than 1 minute.

Easy Migration

Migration from LogTen Pro was designed to be easy. The entire process is really easy. Just 2 steps. Export from LogTen Pro, followed by an import into Simply Log.

Easy Data Entry

With Suggestions, Simply Log makes intelligent suggestions as you go about data entry. Simply Log makes data entry as painless and as error-free as possible.


Day/Night hours

During data entry, Simply Log uses proprietary algorithms to estimate the amount of day/night hours on any flights. Simply Log is also able to intelligently assign hours (PIC, SIC or PICUS) according to your role in the flight. Everything happens in one tap.

Duty Hours

You are able to track duty hours with Simply Log. Whether you are on a duty with 1 sector, or a duty with 16 sectors, Simply Log is able to handle them all.

At the end of a duty, with a tap, Simply Log would calculate the Sign Off time using the flight’s actual “in” time.

Secure and Private


Utilising iCloud, Simply Log syncs and backup date into the Cloud. If you are using Simply Log on multiple devices, your data would be magically synced. The risk of you losing any data is also reduced with regular backups to iCloud.

Added Assurance

As an added assurance, if you like, you can generate backups manually. With this backup file, you are able to restore your database on any device running Simply Log.

You can store this backup file with your preferred medium (on an external flash drive, or on another cloud provider). For added security, the backup file is hashed with a secret key, thereby ensuring data integrity when it is imported later.

Other Features

Data Export

You have full control over your data. You are able to export Simply Log’s flight log in either CSV or PDF format. Supported PDF report formats includes UK CAA and SG CAAS compliant A4 formats. More formats would be released in future.

Roster Import

For users of Crew Connect, you can easily import your roster into Simply Log. Simply Log does this through your calendar. Full instructions are available within the app.

Simply Log Pro

As a user of Simply Log, you are allowed unrestricted access to the app, as long as the you have < 200 flights. 200 flights is more than sufficient for most Student Pilots, and hence most Student Pilots would be able to use the app for free.

Once you hit 200 flights (or more), a subscription to Simply Log Pro would be required. Upgrading to Simply Log Pro is easy. You can upgrade to Simply Log Pro from within the App.

Did we mention that we have an on-going launch special?

Launch Special

As part of our launch, you can subscribe to Simply Log’s 1-year subscription at at SGD$29.98 (original price $49.98). And subscription can be stacked.

This means that you can buy multiple 1-year subscriptions and you effectively secure multiple years of subscription. Since this is a limited time launch offer, we highly recommend you secure as many years of Simply Log Pro now!

Download Simply Log from the App Store

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