Who is Captain Ong

While I am not a Captain in an airline, I am not lying about being Captain Ong. As a Fighter Pilot and a Fighter Weapons Instructor, holding a rank of Captain in the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF), I left active service on 1 August 2016. I made the transition from being a RSAF Fighter Pilot to the civilian world. I became a business owner of Pawcation Pte Ltd, the Chief Technology Officer at AsiaLawNetwork.com and most recently, I am flying for a Singapore registered Low Cost Carrier.

After building over 1,500 hours in the RSAF, I flew over to the United States of America for three awesome weeks to get my Federal Aviation Authority (FAA, the much larger USA equivalent of Singapore’s CAAS) Air Line Transport Licence (ATP). Before and during the trip, I did a lot of research on the regulatory and licensing requirements for the FAA ATP and there were so many resources available online. The availability of information and resources online enhanced my ability to learn as I proactively soughted and fulfilled the requirements for the FAA ATP.

After I came back to Singapore, I started my research on the requirements to convert my FAA ATP to the CAAS Frozen ATPL. But I was shocked to find that other than the dense CAAS only-lawyer-can-read documents, there were practically zero resources available. This was when I realised that the lack of resources and information was limiting the mysterious world of civil aviation to a limited privileged few.

Through the help of many friends, seniors and colleagues, I was able to find my way around these regulations. But there were a lot of information that were hearsay. And the only way I could have gotten those information was through the goodwill of friends I made over the years in the RSAF. Not that the connection and goodwill was a bad thing, I believe that there should be a better way to find these information.

And hence I started CaptainOng.com.

With CaptainOng.com, I will be documenting my journey of transition from a RSAF military fighter pilot, to getting my FAA ATP, to getting hired by a Singapore registered Airline, to converting my FAA ATP to a CAAS CPL (with Frozen ATPL), and my training to finally becoming a Captain Ong once again.

I hope you find the information you need.

If you like to reach out to me, please send me a message here!