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Insuring your Pilot Licence


If you read my earlier article about the lifetime earnings of a pilot, you will realise that a pilot licence is worth at least $7,000,000 in lifetime earnings in Singapore. That number increases significantly if you decide to move over to China, increasing that to $10,000,000 in lifetime earnings!

Many events can cause you to lose your licence. After spending almost $150,000 on your licence, surely the licence deserves to be protected, right? Here are some options if you are a professional pilot in Singapore.

Paymaster, Liberty Insurance

Liberty Insurance’s Paymaster provides a one-time payout in the event of the loss of your Professional Pilot Insurance as a result of an injury, illness and or death.

To qualify for the insurance, you must be:

  • an individual or group of Professional Pilots or Flight Instructors holding a valid Commercial Pilot license (CPL) or Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL) issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS)
  • between 18 to 65 years of age and not more than 55 years old at the policy commencement date of the first period of insurance
  • gainfully employed; and
  • actively at work

For pilots, coverage can go as high as S$300,000 for an annual premium of S$1,338. Considering a lifetime career from 25-65 years old, that works out to a lifetime premium of $53,520, which might seem a little steep for a coverage of only $300,000.

Depending on your needs, this insurance might or might not be for you. Talk to the insurance professional for an assessment.

Download the brochure here. Contact the insurance specialist through this email

It is worthwhile to note that the insurance covers “passive war extension”, something that isn’t normally found in other insurances. Also, the insurance provides coverage for Air Traffic Controller and Aircraft Maintenance Engineers’ professional licences.

Pilots for Pilots (PFP)

It is important to note that PFP seeks to be a supplementary plan to the various formal Loss of Licence insurance schemes, and should not be taken as the mainstay of one’s Loss of Licence insurance needs. It is not an insurance, and benefits are not guaranteed. The viability of PFP lies with the willingness of participants to take ownership of the project and ensure its continued success by encouraging each other to honour obligations and to support and trust the Administrators to do the right thing.

The Pilots for Pilots pledge is for Pilots in Scoot, Tiger Air and Silkair. Pilots who are part of this programme pledge to contribute $350 (for Captains) and $250 (for First Officers) in the event of a claim by another member in the group.

The key feature about the PFP is that there are no up front payment needed and payment is only needed in the event of a claim. The down side to this pledge is that the payout is not guaranteed and the success of the PFP lies with the willingness of participants to take ownership of the project. As they correctly put it, PFP “should not be taken as the mainstay of one’s Loss of Licence Insurance needs”.


Visit their website to join the programme.


The MBO is a pledge programme run by ALPA-S.

From their website

MBO membership is confined to financial members of ALPA-S, who earn their livelihoods in the capacity of Airline Pilots flying for an SIA Group of companies, or another scheduled air carrier, subject to the approval of the Committee. Membership coverage may be retained before age 65.

Pilots from any airline in Singapore are allowed to join the MBO membership, as long as they are a member of ALPA-S. ALPA-S membership is open to ALL professional pilots who are employed in Singapore Airlines, Scoot, Tiger Air and Silkair.

Visit their website for more information.

To join ALPA-S and MBO, download the form here and email it to

Company Specific Coverage

Companies like Singapore Airline provide their pilots with insurance exclusive to company employees. You might want to check with your respective HR to check if you are currently enrolled on one of these programmes.


I’ve tried my best to compile ALL the available options for ALL professional Pilots in Singapore, but naturally, I am only looking through my own company’s lense, and more likely than not, I must have missed out many other options for other airline pilots.

As it is my intention to compile ALL options for ALL pilots from ALL airlines in Singapore, if I missed out any, please let me know! You can reach me through Facebook!

Have a question? You can get my attention by reaching out at my Facebook page Buy me coffee! A lot of work has gone into writing these articles! If you found these articles useful, buy me a cup of coffee? Paylah Click on this link with your Paylah installed mobile phone Bitcoin 1BYGiAVqx6ty9Bc37f6Nw5e5Y2u7FyN2vu ETH or MCO 0x5E5d44D90D685f424116BE0883385EF58Bb3930C Thanks in advance! Follow us on Facebook to show your support!
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