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Who say need to do MCC and JetFam?


“Where is it written that new airline pilots need to undergo MCC and Jet Fam?”

Typically, aircrew licensing and training requirements are covered in the CAAS SASP. But if you flip through the documents, there is no mention of the need for MCC and Jet Fam. So if you are asking “where then”, it is a reasonable question.

The short answer is: You will not find it in any CAAS document. You will only find it in the respective Air Operator Certificate Holders’ (airlines’) training material.

In the ANO, It is a statutory requirement paragraph 26 that a “training manual shall contain all such information and instructions as may be necessary to enable a person appointed by the operator to give or to supervise the training, experience, practice and periodical tests to perform his duties”.


For an airline to achieve their Air Operator Certificate (AOC), they are required to submit several documents for approval. They may have different names, and it could be part of the Operations Manual or a Flight Training Guide. This document would outline the requirements to train new hires and would cover hires with different experience levels.

So, if you were a fresh CPL graduate, or an RSAF FAA holder with no civilian flying experience, the airline, which is regulated by CAAS, needs to make sure you have undergone MCC and Jet Fam courses before putting you into one of their commerical flights.

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