Step by step guide to registering for a CAAS Computer Based Exam

Navigating the CAAS website can be a real challenge. Some would say that finding what you want on the website …

Navigating the CAAS website can be a real challenge. Some would say that finding what you want on the website is harder than getting a CAAS CPL. And to some extend, I agree with that statement.

It took me almost 30 minutes to finally find the link to register myself for my first two papers. Since then, I’ve gotten many questions from friends and others about where to find the registration link. And since is all about helping everyone navigate the complicated world of Aviation in Singapore, I’ve decided to write this article to help you along!

Step by Step Guide

1 Head over to

2 Put your mouse over ESERVICES & FORMS

3 Click on Flight Crew Licensing and Examination.

4 Wait a really long time for the page to load (it took me 10 minutes to get that page loaded for this article).

5 Scroll down to find the “Application for Flight Crew Computer-Based Examinations” and click on the link.

6 In case you are feeling lost, we are currently on this page

7 Register for your account. Once registration is complete, Log on with your new account.

8 Once you are logged in, click on Bookings.

9 In “Specialisation”, Select Flight Crew Exams if you are taking papers for pilot certifications. Select the type of licence, the paper you intend to take, the region and venue of the desired exam center and the rough date of your desired exam date. The date does not matter that much because on the next page you’ll be able to scroll forward and back on a calendar. Click Next.

10 On this page, select the time slot you’ll like to take your paper. Once selected, you can add that session to cart. Take note; you should be able to add multiple exams into your cart!

11 With your cart selected, you can now make payment!

Congrats! You are now registered for your papers! Now, time to hit the books (or PDF) so that you do not waste your time and $155.

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