RSAF Logbook or Trident printout?

I planned to transit to the airlines right from the start. So even though the RSAF Logbook was phased out …

I planned to transit to the airlines right from the start. So even though the RSAF Logbook was phased out in favour for the Trident system back in 2012, I continued to maintain my RSAF Logbook for the fear that FAA (for my FAA ATP) or CAAS (for my eventual conversion of my FAA licence) would not recognise the Trident print out.

But how about people who stopped maintaining the RSAF Logbook, leaving you with more than 6 years of flying to backlog? Can the Trident Print out be used instead?

The answer is yes. But here are some things you need to look out for when submitting your Trident print out.

In the USA when doing your FAA ATP

The FAA Tester will have no problems accepting either the Trident or RSAF Logbook, as long as they look like they have been endorsed by someone of rank.

When getting your CAAS licence

While 90% of the licence applicants submitted their hours on an RSAF logbook, there has been precedence for people to submit their flying hours using Trident print out. However, you need to ensure that

  1. Your CO or OC certifies that the monthly summary is “true”. Even though there is a digital acceptance saying “Approved” in the monthly summary print out, that will not be sufficient to certify your hours. CAAS still likes to see a physical signature and/or chop.
  2. Print out your entire Trident history, including flying records, qualifications, safety and survival and simulator logs. Just to be able to declare that this Trident print out is a complete log book.


So there it is. Even if you lose your log book, even if you never received your log book (cause you are so damn young), even if you stopped logging your hours, you can be sure that there has been precedence of CAAS accepting Trident print out for verifying your flying hours!

Let me know how it goes!

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