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Preparing for the CAAS Air Law and Ops Procedure Papers


For non-pilots, as part of your journey to becoming a professional pilot in Singapore, you need to complete and pass 14 papers in Singapore.

For existing professional licence holders from other ICAO member states (i.e. FAA ATPL or FAA CPL), the 2 CAAS papers that you need to complete and pass are the CAAS Air Law and CAAS Operational Procedure papers. Visit our article detailing the step by step guide to registering for a CAAS computer based test.

So, how do we study for these 2 papers?

As the CAAS Air Law and CAAS Ops Procedure have a lot of similarities, I recommend studying for both papers together and doing them one after another. Here are some resources to review.

Singapore Specific Studies

These are the resources that you should read to find out about Singapore specific rules and regulations.

Air Navigation Order (PDF)

Singapore General Aviation Regulations (SGAR)

Singapore Air Safety Publication (SASP)


Text Books

As many of the questions are from the JAA/EASA syllabus, you can find a lot of textbooks online. All you need is to Google.

Google EASA Air Law Oxford

Google EASA Operational Procedure Oxford

Most of the textbooks are not free. But its just a small investment compared to the $50,000 you are already prepared to pay to join an airline.

Test Banks?

While there are no commercial and/or official test banks around for you to purchase, certain training communities may have compiled a test bank. CAAS however does update their question banks very regularly, so the bank gets outdated very quickly.

Good luck!

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  • Hi, I’m from Malaysia. I’d like to know if its easier to convert easa atpl to caas atpl or faa atpl to caas atpl? And If I do my frozen atpl in Malaysia, what are the papers that require conversion to work under singapore airlines?

    • Hello, I don’t have official numbers, but I would believe both easa and FAA to CAAS will be equally easy. A frozen atpl in Malaysia to caas cpl can be done, but if you have 700, you can be exempted from 12 papers.

  • Hello I'm from Taiwan. Is it possible for me to be a second officer in Singapore Airlines?If I have FAA CPL 250 hours, I need to do 14 papers in Singapore, right? and convert the faa cpl to caas approved license?
    I'd also like to know the requirements about..
    "Minimum GCE 'A' Level, Polytechnic Diploma or Degree. In addition, you must demonstrate proficiency in English, Mathematics and Science, preferably Physics (with at least credits in GCE 'O' levels or its equivalent)"
    Does that mean I have to take the GCE exam..? BTW my major back in the university was Chinese Teaching can I demonstrate my proficiency in Math, science and physics... Thank you

    • Hello. Thanks for your question.

      1. As a foreigner with a FAA CPL and 250 hours, its not impossible. But you're up against a lot of competition. Nevertheless, you should at least apply to see where it takes you.

      2. Yes, you'll need 14 papers in Singapore as part of the licence conversion.

      3. Your major back in Uni should be equivalent to the "degree". Proficiency in Math, Science and Physics can be displayed with your Senior secondary education, which you should have taken and passed Math Science and Physics right?

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