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Multi-Crew Coordination Course: How to get it done


The Multi-Crew Coordination (MCC) Course is a training requirement for new airline pilots. The MCC is self-funded for new hires in Scoot A320 and Jetstar Asia. New hires in Scoot 787 will have their course fees co-funded by both the company.

The MCC course is usually paired together with the Jet Familiarisation Course. So if all you need is the MCC, it is important to make it clear to the Training Organisation so that you do not pay for a course that you do not need.

Is the MCC of any use?

The whole point of the MCC is to learn multi-crew operations in a shared cockpit. While the MCC course doesn’t need to be done in the A320 flight simulator, as many of us will be transitioning to the A320 type rating, it would make sense to insist on having the practical sessions in an A320 simulator. Thankfully, many of the training providers in Singapore can and will have the practical sessions in the A320 simulator.

In general, you should get between 5-10 hours of Pilot Flying during MCC. And having gone through the MCC with 10 Pilot Flying hours in an A320 Sim and another 10 as Pilot Monitoring, I can personally vouch that it was really helpful for me in getting ready for Type Rating.

How much does it cost?

There are many different training organisations that can provide MCC training. Price estimates and contact emails are provided below. Please take note, the cost estimates below are ballpark figures. These prices have been known to change regularly and vary (by a lot) from time to time. Let me know how much your recent quote was and I will update this page!


CAE operates their own simulators and training would be done in their simulators.

Estimated cost per trainee

MCC USD $6,850

Jet Fam USD $9,500

Contact email:


ST Aerospace Academy (STAA)

STAA operates their own simulators and training would be done in their simulators.


Estimated cost per trainee

MCC + Jet Fam USD $9,500

Contact email:


Who needs to get MCC and Jet Fam done?

RSAF Fighter Pilots

You need to do the MCC, but not Jet Fam. Doesn’t matter if you are an F-15SG pilot. You need to be trained in a shared cockpit.

RSAF Transport Pilots

I’ve head of RSAF transport pilots doing a shortened (and cheaper) MCC that involved Table Top Exercises, and I’ve also heard of Transport pilots being excused from MCC totally. I guess it has got to do with the prevailing climate at CAAS and company policy. Verify the requirements with your hiring manager and CAAS.

Jet Fam is not required.

RSAF Helicopter Pilots

Both MCC and Jet Fam are required.

Fresh CPL graduates from Singapore

Both MCC and Jet Fam are required.

Fresh FAA CPL and FAA ATP holders who has undergone CTP-ATP

Fresh FAA CPL holders who have undergone the CTP-ATP course are exempted from MCC in Singapore! WSO (Fighters) are the likely beneficiaries here!

MPL licence holders, Massy University School of Aviation

Congrats, you do not need MCC and Jet Fam. Take the money you saved and have a crazy party.

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  • Thank you Capt. Ong for advising students that Massey University (NZ) Bachelor of Aviation graduates are not required to undergo MCC training. This is because they have already completed the demanding and comprehensive Airline Bridging Course which is a compulsory course for all B.Av. students. We are proud to say that many of Massey's Singaporean B.Av. graduates are employed as senior professional airline pilots with major international airlines - including of course Scoot Airlines !. Keep up the good work.

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