How to prepare for the CAAS Papers

For Pilots pursuing the CAAS Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) or Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL), there are 14 papers that …

For Pilots pursuing the CAAS Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) or Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL), there are 14 papers that must be completed before the licence can be issued.

The 14 papers are:

  1. 010 – Airlaw
  2. 021 – Airframe, Systems and Engines
  3. 022 – Insturmentation
  4. 031 – Mass and Balance
  5. 032 – Performance (A)
  6. 033 – Flight Planning and Monitoring
  7. 040 – Human Performance
  8. 050 – Meteorology
  9. 061 – General Navigation
  10. 062 – Radio Navigation
  11. 071 – Operational Procedures
  12. 081 – Principles of Flight (A)
  13. 091 – VFR Communication
  14. 092 – IFR Communication

CAAS publishes a full 500+ page document detailing the syllabus and examination details for all 14 papers. By reading the CAAS document, one should be able to guess that the questions were developed based on the EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) syllabus.

So how best should you study for the papers? You could study using text books, or you could study the Singaporean way by studying a 10-year-series. As such, I would suggest getting the EASA ATPL Theory Exam Prep App by Dauntless Software.

EASA ATPL Theory Exam Prep by Dauntless Software

The EASA ATPL Theory Exam Prep App contains 15,000+ actual questions from the EASA exam syllabus and each questions contains detailed explanations with illustrations so as you study the questions, you will also learn the theory behind.

I personally used Dauntless’s FAA Written Test Prep and Checkride Pro Pilot Bundle – Airplane Private Pilot to ATP app to  prepare myself or the FAA papers. What I like about the app was that I was able to learn the theory behind the answers (which helped me in my career so far) and also able to bookmark questions and topics that I needed more time for review. I was than able to return and review those questions easily.

The EASA ATPL Theory Exam Prep App isn’t cheap though. It’s USD $74.99. But think of it this way. The alternative is to buy the 14 of the CAE Oxfords textbooks, each covering the CAAS’s examination subject, and setting you back £699.

Also, CAAS exams aren’t exactly cheap. Failing and retaking papers multiple times for multiple papers will easily cost you more than USD $74.99.

You can download the EASA ATPL Theory Exam Prep App from the Apple App Store. You’ll need the iPhone or iPad to download the app.


If studying using a 10-year-series isn’t your thing (I totally understand. I was never a question bank study-er until I reached A-Levels), you can buy 14 eBooks by CAE Oxford. It’ll cost you £699, but there is no price tag on good, useful knowledge.

Further Reading

Particularly for the Airlaw and Operational Procedure papers, it is vital that you study CAAS’s rules and regulations, since the EASA question banks might differ from CAAS’s. The documents are as follows:

  1. Singapore General Aviation Regulations (SGAR)
  2. Air Operator Certificate Requirements (AOCR)
  3. Air Navigation Orders (ANO)
  4. AIP
  5. SASP 1

You can download the documents from CAAS’s website.

Taking the examination

Visit this article if you like to learn how to apply for the examination.

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