Getting a Copy of Your FAA ARA Airline Transport Pilot Airplane (135) Airman Knowledge Testing Result

For many of us, we usually surrender the original copy of our FAA ATP 135 knowledge testing result slip to …

For many of us, we usually surrender the original copy of our FAA ATP 135 knowledge testing result slip to the ATP practical examiner, as it is one of the required submission items for your FAA ATP flight test.

However, when converting your FAA ATP to a CAAS CPL/ATPL, you are required to submit the result slip to CAAS as proof that you are duly qualified and tested in topics such as Human Performance Limitations and Meteorology.

What if you do not have a copy of the FAA Knowledge Testing Result?

Kleven Wong, a fellow FO in Tigerair did some research and found out that you can get FAA to send you a replacement copy!

“The only way to get the results is submit a paper request along with a USD$12 cheque payment. They only send to usa address and not international.” – Kleven Wong

But since you now know that you need the results slip for licence conversion, do keep a copy of the results slip with you!

Read on if you need a replacement.

The following is extracted from the FAA website. (source)

There are two ways to replace your knowledge test report. You can mail us:

You can mail the form to:
Federal Aviation Administration
Airmen Certification Branch, AFS-760
P.O. Box 25082
Oklahoma City, OK 73125-0082

You must include a check or money order for $12 (U.S. funds) made payable to FAA. We can’t:

  • accept facsimile requests for test results
  • fax test scores
  • give test scores over the phone

Afternote 3 May 2017: I have just been informed by a friend from the RSAF that the FAA was extremely responsive. After contacting them, he was emailed the scanned copy of his test report, and it will be followed by a snail mailed copy of the original. Easily done!

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